Koops Habema’s Purple Baret Troop Helps the Economy of the “Rosita” People in Yahukimo

PAPUA, – The Task Forces of the Infantry Battalion 6 Marines, is part of the Indonesian Armed Forces Operational Command (Koops TNI) Habema, which carrying out the mobile security at the border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, especially in the Yahukimo Regency area, Papua Pegunungan Province. On Monday, 24 June 2024, the 6 Marine Task Forces carried out routine security patrols in the Dekai District. During the patrol, Soldiers from the 6 Marine Task Forces had an opportunity to cross the Dekai Market and carried out the Rosita (Buy up Farming Products) program to the Dekai residents who were selling their farming products in the market.

Through the direction of the Commander of the 6 Marine Task Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Rismanto Manurung, that it is mandatory for soldiers to help the people’s difficulties when carrying out the main task of protecting the assigned area. Therefore, on that Monday, the Soldiers took advantage of their patrol time by helping the local community’s economy, especially those who selling their own farming products.

By prioritizing the security, the Soldiers had the opportunity to interact and to communicate with the sellers. Using their own pocket money, the Soldiers bought and brought the farming products traded that morning. Responding to the Rosita program, the sellers were very happy because their farming products was sold out. Before leaving the area, the Soldiers gave a message while motivating the sellers to continue to be enthusiastic about farming so that the results could later be sold and benefit other people.

“The initiative of the Soldiers of the 6 Marine Task Forces to help sellers of farming products in the Dekai District, Yahukimo, is a role of the TNI in supporting efforts to accelerate development in the Papua region,” said the Habema Commanding General, Brigadier General Lucky Avianto, upon receiving the program report.

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