Habema Soldiers House to House Social Communication Welcomed Happily by Ginid Residents

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PAPUA, // – One of the military units under the command of the Indonesian Armed Forces Operational Command (Koops TNI) Habema, the Task Forces of the Para Raider Infantry Battalion 503/Mayangkara Kostrad, is currently carrying out the mobile security at the border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, especially in Nduga Regency area, Papua Pegunungan Province.

On Friday, 28 June 2024, the 503 Task Forces held a Territorial Program entitled “Komsos House to House” (Social Communication from house to house of the residents) while on patrol in the Ginid Village, Krepkuri District. This territorial program was carried out with an aim of carrying out social communication with residents of the Ginid Village, while building social relations and observing security within the village.

The Soldiers of the Task Forces used the opportunity to go around from house to house to carry out communication interactions with the residents to find out developments and the security within the Village. The program, in particular, was led directly by First Lieutenant Teuku M. Adam, who daily serves as Operations Officer of the Task Forces. The Soldiers’ presence was welcomed happily by the residents who had the opportunity to meet them face to face.

By continuing to prioritize security during the program, harmonious communication between the Soldiers and the residents have resulted in a close relationship between the two parties. In order to increase familiarity, the Soldiers also took the time to distribute packets of Instant Noodles to senior citizens, as well as candies to the children they met during the program. A young man, named Maurids Gwijangge, conveyed his greetings, “Thank you, Bapak Tentara (Mr. Army Soldier). The TNI is great.”

“The Social Communication Program held by the 503 Task Forces in the Ginid Village is an implementation of the TNI’s task to accelerate the development of Papua region,” said the Habema Commanding General, Brigadier General Lucky Avianto, upon receiving the program report.

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